1700s Louis XIII Set of Dining Chairs in Old Chenille

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Not very often do we come across a set of époque Louis XIII style dining chairs that date from the 1700’s, let alone a set of (8). Each chair is slightly different and none are perfectly plumb. The chenille fabric is so old, that most of it has been worn smooth, so clearly this set of (8) Louis XIII chairs, have been covered in this chenille for well over 100-150 years. Chenille dates back to the eighteenth century, so who knows how old this fabric could be? These are a very heavy, well-built set of chairs and are rock solid and do not require any restoration, as long as you can appreciate really old chenille, which by the way did originate in France by utilizing the leno (also referred to as a gauze weave or cross weave) method, that’s where two warp threads are twisted around the weft thread. What you end up with is a material was then cut into strips to create chenille yarn.
**Measurements provided are the largest among the group. The smallest measurements are 38.25" height, 18.25" seat height, 19" width and 22.25" depth. Please note that the frames also have slightly different carvings and distress levels.

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