1950s Fisk Reed Rattan Sectional 5-Piece Suite

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20th Century Post WWII
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Fisk Reed furniture was made from rattan which is solid unlike bamboo which is hollow. Rattan is a tropical vine that stretches over the jungle floor and primarily found in the Philippines and East Indies. The Ficks Reed Co. converted the rattan into high-styled furniture. Beginning in 1885, Louis Ficks created the National Carriage and Reed Company in NY. By 1890 Ficks relocated his company to Ohio and added a partner, thus was born the Ficks Reed Company of Cincinnati. They specialized in quality luxury furniture and stayed in business for the next 126-years (closed in Jan 2011). Call it funky, groovy, mid-century modern, but for me, it screams 1950’s and makes all of us smile, especially for those who grew up with it. The fact that the fabric is in such incredible condition (very light stains), after roughly 60-plus years of service is a real testimonial as to their quality standards. Ficks Reed worked with famous interior designers, such as Dorothy Draper, Paul T. Frankl, John B. Wisner and Paul László. To find such a large rattan suite by Ficks Reed, in rather amazing all original unrestored condition is to say the least, quite unusual.

**Measurements provided are for the sofa. The armchairs are the same except the width is 27.5". The side tables are 27.5" high (taken at the corners). The table top height is 22.25". Width and depth are both 35". **Please note some damage to the bottom of one of the armchairs, image 6).