300-Year Old Completely Unrestored Cerused Oak French Armoire

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18th Century
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Circa 1700s
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Spectacular is probably an understatement for this completely unrestored antique French armoire, that someone had the genius idea to ceruse the armoire eons ago. This type of finish known are ceruse dates all the way back to the 16th century and created with a lead based white-pigment. The finest pigments were used as a skin whitener and were imported from Venice. We are not sure what was used on our antique French armoire however, it was done so long ago that all the edges and corners of our antique French armoire are darken from the natural oils of your hands. We no longer go out and actively seek French armoires since the invention of the flat TV, but this is a horse of a different color. In the last 30-years of importing antique French armoires, this has to be one of our top three favorite armoires and not only is it the antique cerused oak finish, but also the clean straight lines that allow the armoire to blend seamlessly into a modern setting. For us, this is as good as it gets and is priced accordingly.