300-Years Old French Armoire in Natural Washed Walnut

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Antique French Louis XIII Armoire constructed from thick heavy solid walnut in a diamond or sunburst style. This particular Louis XIII armoire was designed with a split case, meaning, that if you have a tight staircase, or a 90-degree corner in an upstairs hallway, this armoire can still find its way to the bedroom. The cabinet separates vertically into two components, making for an easier ingress and egress. Our Old Plank restoration department went through our Louis XIII armoire and repaired anything we deemed necessary, like the original lock and tried to make it appear that no one has touched the cabinet. Our finishing department spent its time thoroughly washing and cleansing the Louis XIII armoire inside and out and left the natural beauty of the French walnut unstained. Judging by the width of the backboards, which exceed 24” and by the age of the lock, we’d estimate the armoire to be in excess of 300-years old. Trying to determine if this French armoire is Louis XIII or Louis XIV, most antique dealers will refer to this antique French armoire as Louis XIII, although it could have been constructed during the reign of Louis XIV who ruled for 72-years.