Antique French Butterflied Farm House Table

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Antique French trestle style dining table that was made out of the most spectacular slab of French white oak that we have ever witnessed. The French farm table was cut from a thick slab of white oak and then butterflied, so that each side of the table top matches the grain of the other side. Then if you look closely, you will see four patterns or (5) wooden dowels in a carefully executed circle, where the craftsman connected each half of the slab. This was not so much building a farm table for the family, but rather creating a work of art to last forever. There are many antique French trestle style farm or dining tables out there, however, finding a two-board top table, with this unbelievable grain pattern of our antique French white oak table, would almost be an impossibility. We have been importing French antiques for over 30-years and this is a first for us. In regards to the finish, when the table came into our workshop everything was dirty, as though it sat in a barn or basement for decades. Our Old Plank finishing department made a conscience decision directed towards conservation and not restoration. The finishers chose to clean and preserve the original imperfections of the oak and not touch it with even one piece of sandpaper.