Antique French Directoire Style Buffet

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Classic antique French Directoire buffet, with some Louis XVI influences and rounded edges. When we began to take a hard look at this antique French buffet, we were shocked to see how old it was and the exceptional quality of the mahogany. This, at least to our eyes, could be Cuban mahogany and if not, possibly Honduran, so the thought of ebonizing the buffet was immediately tossed out the window. You might at first glance think that this is an ebonized antique French buffet, but look again, it’s really a deep rich dark brown color (some call it coffee bean), with an old-world hand-applied finish. There is a secret button that you press in order to open the curved wing drawers and if there is a downside to this incredible antique French buffet, it is the marble. Apparently at some point in this French buffet’s life, the stone was cracked and if you look at the right-hand side you will see the old repair. This is certainly nothing that jumps out to your eyes, but we feel compelled to make to mention of it. In importing from France for over 30-years, this is probably by far and away the finest curved-end antique French buffet we have ever had the pleasure to offer for sale.

*Please note a repair, scratches and nicks in marble. Image 4, side edge. Image 6, front edge. Image 7 scratches and the front of the repair. Image 8, back of the same repair. Image 9, scratches. Image 10, one large scratch.