Antique French Louis XVI Style Desk

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20th Century Pre WWII
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Our Antique French Louis XVI style (expert stated, looks Directoire to us) desk, is a perfect example of what happens when someone places a piece of glass on the desk top and does not remove it for over a 100-years. Guess it’s the same as installing rubber floor mats in your car, so the next person can enjoy the carpets, but in this case, the desk is so nice, that we thought at first it must be a fake. The total amount of restoration required took us less than an hour, for the drawers were a little dusty and we had to find the key. Unequivocally, this is the nicest all original Louis XVI style or possibly Directoire style desk we have had in the last 30-years. Should you be looking for an almost NOS (new old stock) 100-year-old gorgeous antique French desk, then you would be hard pressed to find a better example than our newly acquired Louis XVI or Directoire style desk. For a completely original antique French Louis XVI style desk, I don’t know how you could possibly find a better unrestored example? Note; please look carefully at the pull-out sides for there are some minor imperfections, which we could have improved upon, but chose to leave original and untouched.