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Antique French Bookcase (bibliotheque), China cabinet or Display cabinet, that was hand-crafted about 120-140-years ago. Our solid mahogany antique French bookcase, was discovered near the town of Narbonne (established by the Romans in 118 BC) and must have lived a sheltered life in some magnificent chateau, because of its incredible original as found condition. Our Old Plank workshop determined, that only a sympathetic refreshing was required, which encompasses a good thorough cleaning and a proper inspection of the structural integrity of the bookcase. The simplicity of the French bookcase design, enables this bibliotheque to blend seamlessly into a modern environment, or a room chocked full of antiques. There is something striking about this antique bookcase when you see it in real life; whether it is the antique French wavy glass panes, that seem to shimmer in the light, or the Caribbean sourced mahogany (referred to as Cuban or Swietenia), that is simply radiant in its original finish. I find it difficult to accurately express, not only the beauty of this bookcase, but also the rarity, for each year we strive to locate one great item and for us, it is clearly this antique French bookcase from Narbonne.
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