Antique French Trestle Table with 3-Board Top

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Antique French Trestle table, with an extra thick 2.5” solid oak 3-board top. The first thing we generally look for in an old French or English trestle table, are how many boards did they use to construct the table top? Generally, we find most tables from the 1600’s, will have a single, very thick board, or possible a two-board top. Tables made during the 1700’s run from 2-3-thick boards and rarely more and in each following 100-year period the boards became both more numerous and thinner. We are thinking that this table is probably early-1800’s or possibly late 1700’s with its extra thick 3-board top. Our Old Plank restoration department rebuilt the French dining table structurally and our finishing department did its best to conserve the finish, rather than restore.