Antique French White Oak Farm Table Pegged 3-Board Plank Top

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Antique French farm table dating from the 1800s. This antique French white oak farm table could be older based on the height and before we go and raise the height to modern standards, we thought we’d wait to see what the client would prefer. Antique farm tables such as this dining table will range from 28” to 29.5”; if any higher, they have generally been raised or are fake. The general rule of thumb for an antique dining table is that the lower the height of the table, the older the farm table will be. This antique farm table is around 28” high, which is a good indication of age and narrow, which is also correct for a table that’s really old and made from French white oak with Old Plank's naturally washed finish.
**Please note the old repair seen in images 15 and 16.

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