Antique Huge Italian Olive Oil Jar or Amphora

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Not all antique Italian glazed olive oil jars are created equal and this particular olive oil jar’s colors are simply beyond spectacular. Dating from the late 1800’s and discovered in a field in the south of Italy by an old friend. We were fortunate enough to be able to assemble a small grouping and currently have (5) in stock and as would be expected, all five of our Italian olive oil jars are different heights and colors. Some people refer to these as amphora jars, beginning in the Neolithic Period and running from approximately 9000BC to 3500BC. Generally, Amphorae were used in large numbers to transport olive oil and wine. The design trade and most antique dealers simply call these vessels, olive oil jars. For us, we look at the olive oil jars as pieces of sculpture and they are as good looking outdoors as they are in your home. The color palette and the sheen of the glaze they are simply magical and create a truly great focal point. When we started in the antique business over 30-years ago, these large Italian olive oil jars were quite plentiful, however now we are lucky if we find one a year. Measures: 53 in. tall.