Antique Leather Chesterfield Club Chairs

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20th Century Pre WWII
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We seem to have caught an unusual case of Chesterfielditis, for we have several antique leather Chesterfield sofas in stock, along with this magnificent all original pair of Chesterfield leather club chairs. This particular pair of antique Chesterfield tufted leather club chairs are old enough to have been stuffed with real horsehair and that equates to a long life, where as foam rubber begins to breakdown after 5-7-years. Our inhouse Old Plank upholstery department, still uses horsehair, shredded coco fibers and wadded wool in virtually everything we restore. The leather on this pair of tufted antique Chesterfield club chairs, is completely original and did not require cosmetic restoration, although we did first thoroughly clean the leather and feed the leather with specific oils. Seat height is 15.75".