Antique Monarch Paramount Range Unrestored

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20th Century Pre WWII
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United States
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“Is your kitchen as inviting as your front door?” That was the tag line used by the Monarch Stove Company of Beaver Dam, Wisconsin in the 1920’s. Our Paramount model Monarch stove was so unique in design that it actually received a United States patent (#1,385,726) in 1921 for its combined use of both coal and gas. Although we have not tried to fire up the stove, it does appear to be complete, at least to our non-professional eyes. The Monarch Company was operational between 1896-1985. Our Paramount antique stove has not been restored, although there are specialized firms out there who not only restore, but modify the antique stoves with modern technology.

**The depth provided does not include the 5" deep exhaust out the back.

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