Antique Swedish Shadow Box Frame Mirror with Original Glass

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Antique mirror in an incredible large scale frame and at first blush, we thought it was made up from old bits, however, after carefully inspecting the backside we were wrong. Look carefully on the reverse side of the mirror and you will see rust around the screws which indicates age and judging by how much rust there is, we’d estimate that the mirror is well-over 100-years old and could easily date from the late 1800s. The larger question about this very large scale antique mirror is where it was born? The antique mirror was purchased in a large lot of items from a closed antique business and many of the items were Swedish of origin. The frame alone is a full 8” wide for the antique mirror and that is what really sets it apart from other more mundane mirrors, but please don’t ask us what those handles are on the backside, because they are beyond our Scope of knowledge. The glass itself for the mirror is old and beginning to show signs of natural decay.

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