Art Nouveau Antique French Stove or Bar

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Antique French Stove that we thought would make for a perfect bar. Based on the tile design, we would estimate that it was built around the turn of the century (1888-1910). The hand painted tiles are clearly from the Art Nouveau period and please note that there are a few chips and one crack in the tiles. We do have someone locally who can repair the tiles for a nominal fee. Considering the age and use of the stove or bar, it is in remarkably good condition and certainly make a large visual statement. **Measurements provided include the towel bar. The carcass is 32" high, 40" wide and 24.25" deep. **Please note a repaired crack on the right side, images 3 & 4. The brass liner on top is damaged, image 8. The lid to it is bent on the corners, image 10. The brass plating on the towel bar has cracks, image 11. Missing a piece of hardware that its previous owners replaced with a screw, images 13 & 14.