c.1830 Antique French Aubusson 12' X 14' Rug

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An absolutely exquisite 100% hand woven antique Aubusson carpet with unusual chateau-like dimensions. This fine carpet offers vibrant colors and highly stylized floral accents. Originally purchased for our store owners personal residence, they have recently downsized, making this phenomenal handmade rug available. Purchased in France with a rumor of a superior heritage, we couldn't pass it up when they were originally looking. Unfortunately, this dynamite original Aubusson flat weave carpet does not fit into their new home. This is a spectacular opportunity, don't miss it!! The history of Aubusson weavings dates back to the early Renaissance period in the actual town named Aubusson located on the banks of the River Creuse, about 200 miles from Paris. The first looms in the town of Aubusson was in the 1300's by the Flemish however, tapestry and rug making didn't begin until the 16th century. There is sometimes confusion regarding the difference between a needlepoint pillow and an Aubusson pillow. At first glance they can appear similar, but they are actually very different. Needlepoint work is created on a canvas by looping yarn through the canvas with a needle; Aubusson work however, uses no canvas. The Aubusson is actually a flat weave tapestry, where many threads are interwoven to create a beautiful piece. "Aubusson" refers to a town by the same name in France, the original center of production of tapestry-weave carpets and wall embellishments since the mid 17th century. Today, "Aubusson" products are also manufactured outside of the French town. These Aubusson products are among the most highly desired, the most luxurious pieces one can adorn their home with. Decorators and designers often choose Aubusson pillows because they add a rich texture and incredible detail. Colors are often bright and vibrant. Wool and silk yarns are used to create these stunning works of art. These products are more expensive due to the amount of intricate work and detail needed to create each piece. Quite a few 18th-century French Rugs copied the ceiling designs of the rooms which they were commissioned for.
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