Vintage and antique armoires add a touch of class and romance to any room. Many of these classic storage solutions are sourced from a host of locations throughout Europe, and are offered in a range of sizes, configurations, and finishes. An antique armoire is an elegant, striking, and useful piece of furniture – one that is equally at home in a bedroom as it is in a main living room. While many antique enthusiasts continue to use their armoires as originally intended, these pieces actually make tremendously effective furnishings for our modern age. Some armoires can effectively hide a sizeable flat-screen TV – safely and discreetly mounted behind beautifully carved doors. Other armoires serve admirably in a bathroom, where the abundant storage space affords plenty of room for towels, robes, and other necessities.

From the incredible patina of the wood, to the intricate carvings and adornments that are common with pieces of this vintage, our classic armoires are simply spectacular. Browse our selection of antique armoires for sale today – you’re bound to find the perfect one for your space. Contact us and we’ll arrange for quick and affordable shipping to nearly any destination around the globe. With over 20 years of experience in the antiques field and a 31,000 square foot facility that houses the absolute best in European and American antiques, we invite you to shop with us!