Old Plank Sheep Collection

Our newest product has been quite a success! We began making the Old Plank Collection Sheep in 2016, our first sheep replica was just in resin material and it sold extremely well. Then we decided to make a solid bronze sheep sculpture with real fur. These life size sheep are great sculptures hand made in the USA. The latest Old Plank sheep design is one with a dark patina to the solid bronze sheep. All have sold very well and we have been trying to keep them in stock for immediate delivery.

A very long time ago, my wife Robin and I were walking through a Flea Market at the outskirts of Paris and standing right on the sidewalk of rue des Rosiers was a life size sheep, made famous by the recent Architectural Digest expose, for the equivalent of $5000 and without any hesitation, I told my wife to forget it. For whom was I to predict that what a sheep would bring years later (made the same mistake with some cars, but much more serious). Ever since then, I have been seeking an affordable alternative, but there was always something out of scale, or just plain weird about them. The sheep you see here is hand-made in America, by an artist and has the greatest face and wonderful proportions. Virtually impossible not fall immediately in love. Constructed in resin, or in solid bronze with real fur (as shown in this listing). And yes, they also function as a stool for extra seating..