Crocodile French Club Chair Style of Jean-Michel Frank

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French Crocodile Club Chair, circa 1920's originally from the Burgundy region of France, in the small walled town of Beaune. The Romans built a fort there in the first century A.D. Our Crocodile Covered Art Deco Club Chair was described by the French expert as: Dans le goût de Jean-Michel FRANK (1895-1941), Fauteuil Club en Crocodile. Loosely translated as; in the style of Jean-Michel FRANK (1895-1941), which does not mean Jean-Michel Frank had anything to do with the Crocodile Club Chair. That said, in our 250-trips to Europe, this is the only Genuine Crocodile Club Chair that we have ever seen. Once in our Old Plank upholstery department, it was determined that we should do a sympathetic restoration to preserve the originality of the Crocodile Club Chair. When the restoration process began, we were quite shocked after disassembling the entire Crocodile Art Deco Club Chair, to find that not only was all the stuffing 100% Pure Horsehair, but that it was stitched in place using only Natural Raffia. Raffia originates from the segments of the leaves on the Raffia Palms, which have a natural resin, making them not only soft and smooth, but long-lasting. In the hundreds of French Club Chairs that we have Restored in our Old Plank Upholstery Department, not once have we seen Raffia used. The attention to detail in this Art Deco Crocodile Club Chair is simply off the charts and whomever constructed this Crocodile French Club Chair, was a truly an Artisan of the highest caliber. Take careful notice how all the Crocodile Hides are Book-Matched from side to side, the spilt tiny double-welts and the Crocodile Covered Feet of the Club Chair, for no detail was left unturned. Our Old Plank Upholstery Department spent over 240-hours rebuilding the interior and reinforcing the reverse side of the Crocodile to add additional strength and longevity. For us, this is more of a Piece of Art based on two things, the unbelievable workmanship that went into creating this Crocodile Club Chair back over 90-years ago and the pure aesthetics of the design. Add in the Magical Caramel Colors and Patination of the Crocodile Hides and you have one Beautiful Piece of French Art Deco Sculpture, which just happens to be a functional chair. As an old friend would tell me; “this is as good as it gets”.

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