English Chesterfield Sofa Restored Internally w/ Original Leather

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Old Chesterfield leather sofa that Old Plank recently imported from Ireland. Upon this old Chesterfield sofa’s arrival, it was immediately placed in a queue along with a few other leather Chesterfield sofas for restoration. We seem to have an infinity for anything good-looking clad in old leather. Better description of our inhouse Old Plank upholstery department process might be the term conservation, for we try as best we can to conserve the look and patina of the original leather. We start by washing the sofa with an industrial cleaner before examining the interior and rebuilding everything under the skin. This equates to: tying the coil springs 8-ways by hand, replace or add padding as necessary using only horsehair, or coco fiber and new webbing. The leather is treated to a special formula of pH correct proteins and collagens formulated to penetrate and soften the leather. Any replacement leather components are hand-dyed in our Old Plank finishing department to match the original color and patination. We confess to replacing the feet, with our own cast bronze lion paw feet and if you would prefer something else, I am sure arrangements can be made to modify or replace the feet. Each leather Chesterfield sofa requires between 80-100 man-hours of labor to restore.

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