French Art Deco Pair of Club Chairs Original Leather Restored Internally, 1930s

Old Plank Collection
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French Leather Club Chairs that have been painstakingly restored from the inside out, while at the same time leaving their original French leather coverings intact. And speaking of the Original French Leather Club Chairs leather and color, I am not sure that we have ever seen a prettier shade of brown and they remind me of an old worn baseball glove. The patina of the French Leather Club Chairs is truly amazing and about as good as it gets. Should you be in Paris and find a dealer who specialized in Original French Leather Club Chairs, you might see this style of Club Chair repeated on his business card, for it is the favorite style Club Chair among many of the French Club Chair dealers. The padding we used to restore these French Leather Club Chairs in our Old Plank Upholstery department was horsehair and shredded coco fibers and absolutely no foam rubber was used. So, not only do these French Leather Club Chairs look beautiful, but they also sit as comfortable as your favorite pair of old leather loafers.

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