French Beaux-Arts 19th c Heavily Carved Mahogany Panel or Headboard

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Beaux-Arts architecture was taught at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris, starting in the 1830s and ran into the late 1800’s. Beaux-Arts design leaned towards a sculptural decoration with modern influences, mixed with Italian Baroque and Rococo style. Our over 12-foot-long cornice screams Beaux-Arts, with its over-sized carvings and fine details. What makes this Beaux-Arts piece so interesting, is depth of the carvings and the shadows they create. Made of a high-quality solid mahogany, there is no wood rot or any worn damage, just a beautiful patina. Originally, the Beaux-Art cornice appears to have been painted a warm white and must have been simply stunning when mounted on the front of a Parisian store. We were thinking of possibly creating a headboard flanked by two attached bedside tables and shortening a bit, pending available space availability.
**The depth provided was taken without the decorations. The frame is 1.5" deep.