French Leather Club Chairs Completely Restored Interiors

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French leather club chairs that are Unrestored Cosmetically, but Completely Restored on the Inside. Extremely Rare Set of (4) Matching All Original French Art Deco Leather Club Chairs, that are still in the Old French Leather. Each of the French Leather Club Chairs has been painstakingly completely disassembled and thoroughly rebuilt by our Old Plank inhouse Upholstery Department from the bare wooden frame on up. After importing and restoring French Leather Club Chairs for over 30-years, you begin to hone your craft and get pretty good at the Art of Restoration, however in this case, you might refer to the process as the Art of a Sympathetic Conservation. The French Leather Club Chairs sit exactly as how you expect a great leather Club Chair to sit, which is very, very comfortable. During the conservation process, when it comes to padding, our Old Plank Upholstery Department abides strictly by old school practices and they exclusively use original materials; such as, horsehair, shredded coco fibers and wadded wool. We expressly do not use form rubber. We should also mention that we will be offering the French leather club chairs as (2) individual pairs on 1stdibs.

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