French Leather Club Chairs with Original Leather

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20th Century Pre WWII
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French leather club chairs have been one of Old Plank’s specialties for the past 30-years and with each pair of chairs, we strive to improve our restoration techniques, which is really a form of conservation. Our ultimate goal in rebuilding each pair is to make the club chairs look like they were untouched and last for decades to come. In each restoration process, we try to create a finished product exactly as it was constructed back in the 1920’s or 1930’s. We try to avoid club chairs that were built post the big war, for the building techniques changed and not for the better. Our Old Plank in house upholstery department does not use form rubber for any of its padding, but rather shredded coco fibers, horsehair and wadded wool as the club chairs were originally constructed. The average labor required to rebuild one club chair is 40-hours in the upholstery room and a further 12-hours in the leather dying department, for as hard as we try, there is typically an old piece of leather that could not be saved. In our biased opinion, nothing feels as good as a properly restored old French or English club chair, but keep in mind, that the club chairs come is vastly different sizes, so when you are inquiring about any of our 50-plus club chairs in stock, you might want to mention the size you would be most comfortable in?

**Please note one chairs is slightly smaller than the other. The measurements provided are for the larger chair. The smaller measures: 29" H x x 30.25" W and 30.5" D, 15.5" seat height.