French Quinta Solid Walnut Trestle Style Dining Table

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Vintage Country French walnut trestle dining table, manufactured by one of France’s premier furniture makers, Quinta. Located in the City of Perpignan, adjacent to the Mediterranean on the southwest coast, Quinta had established itself as one of the very finest furniture fabricators for almost decades, before closing their door in 2012. All of the Quinta dining tables were constructed of dry-aged French hardwoods that sat outside for a minimum of 9-years, before being chosen for their country French style dining tables. When you look under the table top, you begin to understand the quality level from all the hand-spoke shaving that went into the table, to the book-matched grains of the wood. The finish is over 20-years old and looks like it was done yesterday and no one to this day has ever unlocked the secret to their proprietary finish. We have been importing and building French style dining tables for over 30-years and we have never seen anyone, including our own workshop, who was the equal of a genuine Quinta table. They were in a league of their own and for those of you who appreciate only the absolute finest quality French dining tables, then you just cannot do any better than an original Quinta for they are truly a work of art.

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