French Silver-Leaf Mirrored Dresser in the Style of Louis XV

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20th Century Post WWII
circa 1940-1950
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During the past few decades, we have had many mirrored pieces of furniture and I always found it difficult to determine if the mirrored furniture was French, Italian or American. This particular mirrored chest appears to be vintage from the late 40’s or 50’s and was well used. Please look carefully at all the surface scratches and chips on the edges of the mirror. The wood was executed in an aged silver leaf and whomever the artist or finisher was, certainly knew their craft quite well. Likewise, the etching on the reverse side of the mirror was done nicely. Unusual in that the backside of the mirrored dresser was also clad in mirror and I don’t ever remember seeing that before.
*Corners of several drawers are chipped, please pay close attention to detail photos. There's a large scratch on the front, image 14. The top is heavily scratched throughout.