Oak Trestle Farm Table with Cross-Hatch Scrub Finish

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Antique Country French farm table constructed in a trestle design, which allows for two extra people to be seated, versus a typical 4-legged farm table, and more importantly, women get to comfortably cross their legs. We found this country French farm table just north of Rouen in the Normandy region of France. What makes this antique dining table a bit different is the texture of the wood. Whoever the artisan was that constructed this trestle farm table used a scrub plane and did so in a cross-hatch pattern. Have to admit, that after importing antique country French dining tables for over 30 years, this is the first time we have seen this technique used. What’s so especially nice about the texture, is the way it feels to the touch. Our Old Plank woodworking department gave the table a sound bill of health and the finishing department just washed the table. At this point in the process, we can either leave the antique French farm table as is or color and finish it as you wish.

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