Pair of Antique Os de Mouton Oak Throne Chairs

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20th Century Pre WWII
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This fine pair of early 20th century solid oak throne chairs offer an unbeatable Os de Mouton or Louis XIII design making them easily work with other styles seamlessly. Having been completely conserved, these chairs are not only strong and sturdy but, if you need taller backs, or darker finish, it's the perfect time to do so. Re-glued joints, gusseted corners with new 8 way hand-tied springs and a sterile blend of 50/50 hog and horsehair, these chairs are almost ready for any room of your home. In the formal dining room as host and hostess seating, in the living room for reading near the fireplace or as luxurious seating within the master suite. No matter how or where you ultimately decide, you can rest assured these timeless chairs will fill the bill now and for many years to come. We also having several sets of matching side chairs, should you be so inclined.