Reclaimed White Oak Waterfall Dining Table

Old Plank Collection
Takes 8-12 weeks to manufacture. Custom made to your specifications.
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Old plank’s waterfall dining table made from reclaimed white oak as shown, or in walnut. With each of our old plank dining tables and there are dozens listed, each board is splined together to ensure structural integrity for generations to come. Take a close look under the waterfall dining table and you will see a custom fabricated structural beam installed, which will prevent the waterfall table from ever sagging and there are additional steel brackets recessed into the wood for additional support. On closer inspection, you might notice that even though this is a 10’ long waterfall dining table, that it was constructed by using one continuous reclaimed 16’ long oak board for the top and both ends, so that the grain of the oak flows smoothly, up both sides and across the top surface. We are offering the table is any dimension, but keep in mind, that this 10’ oak waterfall dining table, weighed over 600 pounds upon completion.
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