Restored French Leather Club Chair Pair Moustache Back Style

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20th Century Pre WWII
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Authentic Moustache Style pair of French leather club chairs, that remain mostly in their original leather. Virtually 90% of all the club chair restorations going through our upholstery department, will require at least one or two areas where the club chairs require a new section of leather. The main objective at Old Plank is to make the end result of the restoration, look as though we never touched the French leather club chair and that’s far more difficult than just replacing the covering with new leather. Our upholstery department purchases undyed hides, so we can color and age the leather to match the original club chair. Interiors of the club chairs get rebuilt using old school methods. That means, no foam rubber for padding, but rather horsehair, shredded coco fiber and wadded wool, with 8-way hand-tied coil springs, all of which will last for decades. Each French leather club chair will require between 40-50 man-hours of restoration.
**Repairs to leather, images 5 and 15