Set of 3 Antique Olive Oil Jars from the South of Italy

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Set of 3 jars. They are similiar but not exact. Please watch video. Antique gorgeous Italian glazed olive oil jars in remarkable condition. Dates from about 1870-1900, and was discovered in a field in Italy about 30 years ago. Fortunately, we able to purchase several, and currently have (5) in stock that we have repurchased from clients. Known technically as amphora jars, which originated from the Neolithic Period and ran from approximately 9000BC to 3500BC. Generally, Amphorae were used to transport olive oil and wine. Designers and most antique dealers simply call these olive oil jars. We look at the olive oil jars as sculpture, and they are as beautiful looking outside as they are in your home. Between the color palette and the sheen of the glaze they are simply sculptural objects of beauty.


Highly recommend watching video....

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