Set of (4) Historic French Military Figures

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20th Century Post WWII
circa 1950
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Set of (4) vintage French Military Cavalry horses. One is signed; Roger Rougier, who was a French born designer, who moved to Canada at a young age and we do not know, if he is the sculptor, behind these French cavalry military figures or not. What we can say, is that whomever sculpted these Military figures was quite good. There appears to be a wire form inside the horses, to which the artist applied a type of clay and created his historic Military French officer and horse. The signed sculpture by Rougier says; “1st Regiment de Carabiniers (1810-1815). There is one horse with no rider and all of the horses, over the years, have suffered from various broken bones and not repaired by the best doctors. They are far from perfect, but do look great when placed on a shelf. **Measurements provided were taken from the soldier on the black horse. The neck on the black horse was repaired. The grey horse is missing a piece on it's front knee cap and missing an ear.