Unrestored Primitive Hardware Store 56-Drawer Cabinet

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19th Century
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Antique English Hardware store cabinet, or they might have called it in England; a bank of drawers and in this instance, that would mean 56-hand-made drawers. The tell-tail sign of its history and age are nails, that are attached to the bottom left drawers to help identify the contents. Our opinion is that the nails appear to pre-date 1860 and the patina of the cabinet, or apothecary cabinet as some may refer to it as, seems to justify the mid-1800’s, or even a bit earlier. When we use to build English Unfitted Kitchens, this would have been one of the first items we’d try to find, for old painted wall-mounted cabinets like this one, tend to be viewed as wall art and add a bit of warmth to the kitchen, or any room for that matter. There is also a second benefit for having a cabinet like this and that’s to sharpen up your memory, for remembering what each of the 56-individual drawers hold is not an easy task.