Vintage French Santon Folklore Dolls

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20th Century Post WWII
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Santons are hand-painted, terracotta nativity scene doll like figurines, from southeastern France. There are about 55 different people, from various characters in the typical Provençal village. Santons were first created by the artist Lagnel (1761-1822), at the time of the French Revolution when churches were closed and their nativity scenes were forbidden. Lagnel created small doll like figurines from plaster and let them dry before firing in a kiln. Two of the Santon figures are signed and one is from Simone JUGLAS, who in 1946 became Knight of rank of craftsman, received the gold medal at the exhibition Artisanata Art and Technology for the "best worker of France" for his folklore dolls. **Measurements provided are for the man in the center. The woman is 11" high, 5.5" wide and 5" deep. The man on the right is 11.5" high, 5" wide and 4.5" deep. The bases range from 3.5" to 3.75" in diameter.