About Us

The Old Plank Story

What began innocently enough as a young boy riding around upstate New York with his mother while she shopped for antiques in the late 1950's has turned into a serious addiction with apparently no known cure. In fact, the obsession is so bad that our 33,000 square foot showroom is bursting at the seams and our workshop is running at a clip typically reserved for Elves in December.


Antiques on Old Plank Road is a vast, 31,000-square-foot showroom of European, and French Country antiques with an on-site workshop for handcrafted, custom furnishings. The family-owned operation has been supplying the artifacts to life's moments for nearly 30 years. 


Old Plank's mission is to discover, carefully curate and connect specialized artifacts to the human experience through an ominous eye, while building, designing and crafting state-of-the-art furnishings to withstand the test of time and live in the family home for generations to come. 


Our vision is to unite all antique enthusiasts, vintage dwellers and old world appreciators with the classical items of their archival dreams, in the hopes of celebrating and commiserating in our joint love of history, culture, art, tradition and old-time craftsmanship.

Robin & Richard Buxbaum

A mutual love for antiques led Robin and Richard Buxbaum to opening Antiques on Old Plank Road in 1992, when the first location was in Westmont, Illinois.


The duo are very much involved with their growing business: Robin curates the appearance of the store and the buying of furniture from France or by consignment, Richard remains “the man behind the curtain,” talking to suppliers, designers and potential buyers on any given day.


Don't forget the Buxbaum's lovable shar-peis, AKA Resident Security Team, through the years. You're warmly greeted by our furry friends and a Macaw Parrot when you visit the showroom. They love people but sometimes can initially be a little bit intimidating while first entering our showroom. Fushi, a black furry-part sharpei and we think part chow, is our official greeter. Followed by Charlie and Henry...

Pawsitively Tethered

The Buxbaum's deep love of animals is imperative to the way this family business operates. Customers find themselves on a first-name basis with Robin and Richard, while receiving the utmost respect and care when it comes to their purchase. Not only are the pieces we sell endearing, but they’re a true representation of family matters from the tables you dine at, the chairs you sit on, and the lamps which light up your living room. Antiques on Old Plank Road is more than furniture or a part of history, our items are part of the family, a metaphor for living a loved, well admired life.