The applications for a vintage or antique desk are virtually limitless. From compact antique desks that make wonderful side tables to full size desks that double as executive workspaces, a vintage desk can be repurposed and transformed into almost anything. Add a mirror and a dressing stool and an antique desk can be made into a handy dressing table. Take time out of your day and write letters, do crafts, or read a book while sitting at your antique desk. Or, place a medium sized desk against a wall to use as an accent piece – paired with an elegant flower arrangement or your choice of decorative accessory. The options truly are limitless. Whether you're looking for an antique school desk, antique oak desk, or something else, chances are we have something for you.

You’ll find an impressive assortment of desks through our online catalog – and all pieces are available for immediate delivery no matter where you live. We serve clients both domestic and international, and we’ve provided our customers with knowledgeable counsel and helpful advice for over twenty years. With more than 31,000 square feet of antique, vintage, and reproduced furnishings available today, you’ll be able to find the perfect piece for your particular needs – only at Antiques on Old Plank Road.