Antique benches from Antiques on Old Plank Road take on many forms. Choose from rustic, regal, modern, and utilitarian – or several other designs that will work quite harmoniously within your intended space. If you’re looking for something ornate, consider one of our vintage French wrought iron or French Walnut benches. Or, opt for something out of the ordinary like an English or French painted bench or primitive folk bench. The options are virtually limitless.

Over the past twenty years, we’ve enjoyed the privilege of visiting Europe several times per year - and we’re often able to come home with shipping containers full of exciting antiques. When we find a bench that we think our clients will love, we bring it home, restore it, and offer it for sale at a competitive price. We warehouse our antiques in a 31,000 square foot building and continuously update our online site. This way, you’ll have full access to our entire complement of antique furnishings and accessories whenever you want – from wherever you are. We’ll ship practically anywhere around the globe, so you’re only a click away from having the antique bench of your dreams in your home.