Our mirrors reflect an incredible opportunity to upgrade your existing home, office, or retail space. Our breathtaking selection of vintage and antique mirrors – as well as our newly constructed, reproduction mirrors, offers something for everyone. From heavily gilded French designs to minimalist and modern interpretations, our selection of mirrors will guide you to the perfect design for your particular tastes. And, if you can’t find exactly what you are looking for, we’ll create a custom mirror for you that encompasses all of the design elements that you’ve been looking for.

At Antiques on Old Plank Road, we pride ourselves on sourcing and collecting an awesome array of vintage and antique items. Our buyers in France scour the local areas for our favorite designs, and we take several trips each year ourselves to personally unlock Europe’s most coveted antiques. We then house them in our massive, 31,000 square foot warehouse where we can offer you incredible pricing and quick delivery. With more than twenty years in the antiques field and a dynamic and broad inventory of antiques for sale, you’ll love partnering with us for all of your antiques needs. Contact us today and see just how easy it is to find the perfect mirror for your space.