Leather Club Chairs


Unique and beautiful, our antique leather club chairs range from simple designs to extraordinarily elaborate models that wouldn’t look out of place in Versailles. We take several trips each year to Europe, and the array of leather club chairs that we find during our trips to the South of France, the Italian countryside, and the English Midlands is amazing. Once we find a group of chairs that we think our clients can’t live without, we have them shipped back to our massive, 31,000 square foot location in Chicago, where we recondition and restore each chair to our specification.

Maybe it’s just us, but mention a vintage club chair and we’re dreaming of an ember-lit interior awash in wooly tartans and overall cozy vibes. Yet when it comes to vintage leather club chairs, there’s no steadfast rule that says they must be mutually exclusive with lodges, or even man caves. In fact, a French club chair can be perfection in an Art Deco or mid-century atmosphere. 

Believed to have originally been fashioned for French gentlemen’s clubs, antique club chairs are the antithesis of straight-backed chair most people are accustom to. They’re vintage chairs meant for sprawling, and on occasion, catching a few z’s. Rather than fighting their instincts, style them accordingly and drop them into sunny, cat nap-worthy widow nooks or in front of a fireplace. They’re also inspired in pairs, making them an ideal choice for opposite a sofa and/or coffee table.

Yes, vintage club chairs do favor ample proportions—deep seats, elevated arms, and boxy shapes are all tokens—which can feel counterintuitive when decorating a small space. But when done right, there are few pieces that can make equal impact in a room. Below, we’ve broken down a number of go-to styles along with the club chair styles that will make them effortlessly shine.

Your home or office will greatly benefit from the addition of one or more of these chairs. From basic 1940’s French designs to more elaborate and ornate 1920’s-era modes - even including full leather club chair suites and matching sets, you’ll certainly find antique leather club chairs for sale that you just can’t pass up. With over twenty years of experience in the antiques field, we’re thrilled to be able to partner with you. Contact us today to see just how easy it is to find the ideal vintage piece for your home or office.