Coffee Tables

Antique and mid century modern coffee tables can transform a room like few other pieces of furniture can. We have mid century modern coffee tables and antique coffee tables as well. By combining a real utility factor with the wide range of available sizes and styles of vintage coffee tables, there has never been a better time to spark some new interest in your living room – so invest in a vintage or antique coffee table today! Our inventory of antique coffee tables runs from the mild to the ornate. Basic oak or blonde wood tables can be had, as well as more elaborate tables that include brass scrollwork, artistic iron bases, and retro/modern design elements. The bottom line is that the perfect antique coffee table for your tastes exists today – and we’ll help you find it.

With more than twenty years in the antiques field, we’re ready and willing to partner with you to outfit your home or place of business with beautiful and unique antique furnishings. We visit Europe several times per year and work with a network of international antique buyers to continually refresh our inventory of fine vintage items. Browse our online catalog of antique coffee tables for sale, and see just how easy – and affordable, it is to source your perfect table.