This category is the catch-all for all the wonderful things we come across that don’t really fit in any of the other categories. For example, an 11’ replica of the Eiffel Tower is one of those unique things we have that you won’t find anywhere else and is difficult to categorize.


Another intriguing item we have is a 14’ cast iron Westinghouse street light with copper head – in fact we don’t have just one, but three! At the other end of the scale (forgive the pun) is the vintage French Duchesne mercantile scale which is the perfect prop for a Country French kitchen or retail business.


Another prized item in the Old Plank inventory is the vintage English terracotta man constructed using terracotta plant pots wired together. He is 64” high and has a great personality, also a good listener. The flower in his hat has lead to some discussion regarding the gender of flowerpot person but we are pretty sure he is flowerpot man due to his refusal to ask for directions.