French Louis Philippe Washed Oak Bookcase with Original Glass

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Antique French Bibliothèque, or antique French bookcase was constructed in the style referred to as Louis Philippe (King Louis Philippe I 1830–1848). Our Antique Louis Philippe French Bookcase was built in the first French decorative style imposed not by royalty, but rather by the desire of the French upper class. Louis Philippe Style Furniture had the same forms as the earlier French Restoration style, but with much less decoration. Looking carefully at the clean, straight lines of this Antique 4-Door Louis Philippe Bookcase and it becomes abundantly obvious that the Bookcase could just as easily be situated adjacent to a modern sofa, as an Antique Wingback. Crisp, straightforward lines, like this Antique French Louis Philippe Bookcase never go out of style. The wood used is all the highest-quality rift-cut and quartered French white oak. Our Old Plank Restoration Department merely washed off the old finish and applied a protective clear-coat to the French white oak. The wavy glass panels are all original French glass panes and certainly look the part. For ingress and egress, the entire Antique French bookcase disassembles and allows for placement in difficult to get to locations. The build quality for this Antique French Louis Philippe Bookcase is exemplary to say the least and the harder you examine this large 4-door French bookcase, the better it looks. We cannot find any prior repairs or modifications to the Bookcase, nor does the cabinet require any.

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