Antique Carved Solid Block of Marble Wash Basin or Sink

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Although this may look like a holy water font from an ancient Italian church, we believe it’s probably a marble wash basin, or sink based on the fact that it has an old drain hole. You can clearly see that the marble sink was mounted into a wall and it could be Roman, Turkish or even Middle Eastern. Sinks or wash basins are thought to have started in Ancient Roman bathhouses. Romans actually had warm water in bowls around the bathhouse in order to wash one’s face and hands. During the 1500’s, the wealthy would have wood washstands to hold an iron pitcher and bowl. As hygiene progressed during the ages, so did washstands, which grew is size. Today we think of bathing as private, although hundreds of years ago, the public bath, or hammam were a social institution in the Middle East, which can be traced back to the Roman’s. This particular stone sink we believe dates back several hundred years and please note the hairline cracks that appear not to go through the marble sink. We are guessing the marble sink or wash basic is Italian, Turkish or possibly Middle Eastern.

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