Antique English Tufted Leather Chesterfield Sofa Restored

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Antique English Leather Chesterfield Sofa that just emerged out of our inhouse Old Plank Upholstery Department, after a very long and exhausted stay. Restoring or conserving an old leather is truly a dying Art and very few shops today have the knowledge to properly Restore old leather. The Classic English Chesterfield Tufted Leather Sofa was invented in the mid-1700’s when Lord Philip Stanhope (1694-1773), who was the Fourth Earl of Chesterfield decided to commission a comfortable sofa for his guests to sit on. Today, the Classic English Chesterfield Sofa is one of the most recognized and popular sofas in the world and for good reason. The Chesterfield Sofa is both comfortable, great looking and never goes out of style. Our Antique English Leather Chesterfield Sofa is but one of (3) Antique Leather Chesterfield Sofas we have in stock, with each one having gone through a lengthy and laborious Conservation Process. Our Upholstery Department tries to save as much of the Original Leather as possible and generally we save about 75%. The coil springs are re-tied 8-ways by hand and we only use Horsehair, Shredded Coco Fibers, and Wadded Wool for padding. Describing the colour of this Chesterfield may be more difficult than the Conservation process. The colour is neither Black, nor Brown or Cordovan, but rather a rich blend of all three. Lastly, what makes this Antique English Chesterfield Sofa so unusual, is the height of the back, being just 28.5” it will comfortably go through a 30” door opening.

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