Antique French Deux Corp (Cupboard) in Original Finish

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This extremely rare, antique French cupboard, is from the Château de Loyat in Brittany, which I believe dates back to the 1500’, was in a condition, that antique dealers can only dream of. The French cupboard or cabinet, is exactly what you would expect, a 300-year-old antique French cabinet to look like, if no one ever touched the finish, let alone restore the cupboard. Our opinion is, that this antique French cupboard or cabinet, could have been made in the late 1600’s or early 1700’s and if I did not know that this cupboard was made from French white oak, one would have thought it was constructed of iron, based on its weight. Our centuries old French cupboard, was constructed without the use of any nails or glue, for the entire cabinet was assembled using wooden pegs. Our Old Plank restoration department, has just completed a 240-hour conservation procedure, wherein lieu of just replacing the old worn wood oak boards, we chose to harden them and only used small fillets of antique French oak for repair. Yes, this became a labor of love, but for us, to find an antique French cabinet, in this virgin untouched state, is quite rare nowadays, so, the choice was made to conserve, rather than restore, which required triple the labor. Our antique French deux corps, which is about 300-years-old, still looks like no one ever laid a hand on it, which was exactly our objective and for those of you, who are true purists at heart, you will not be disappointed.
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