Antique French Oak Buffet with Geometric Design Details

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Antique French buffet made with extraordinary quality and attention to detail throughout. We only wish we knew the history for this incredible French white oak 2-door buffet, for it may have been built by a maître artisan (master craftsman). The first thing one should take notice of, is that it’s most unusual to have the same attention to detail on the side panels as the front of the buffet. Each side panel alone has (56) flawless miter cuts, that only an exceptionally skilled artisan could have executed without the use of any filler. Another detail to notice is the roses and if you look closely, you’ll see that the pedals of the roses and not flat, but rather appear to be 3-dimensional where the leaves have been undercut. In France, before a craftsman can become a “master craftsman”, he must submit a masterpiece to the guild for approval and only if it passes and he gives the guild a sum of money can he become a member. This buffet in our opinion is of that quality level. Our Old Plank restoration department went through the antique French buffet for any structural needs (none required) and our finishing department, merely washed the surface and left the raw white oak to show off its incredible decorative elements. While importing from France for over 30-years, we will occasionally see some decorative elements on the side of an antique French buffet, but never, not even once, have we seen decoration to this level. You’ll be looking for a very long time, before you can find an antique French buffet hand-crafted to this level of perfection. Just as a final touch, this antique buffet also completely disassembles for ease of ingress and egress.

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