Antique French Rosewood Commode/Buffet with Pull-Out Desk

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Antique French commode/buffet, made from one of the rarest woods, palisander, or more commonly referred to as, Madagascar rosewood. Not only is this one of the world’s most beautiful species of woods, but the quality of construction, is off-the-charts. Our French antique rosewood buffet/commode, with built-in pull-out desk and pull-out drawers, appears to have been constructed by a master craftsman, for their workmanship is beyond reproach. There has been little, to no use, over the last 100 years and it is as nice an antique, as I have ever seen in an unrestored state. For someone who really can appreciate the finest in craftmanship, we have your chest. No disappointments. Comments: Madagascar rosewood is comprised of a number of Dalbergia species only found on the African island of Madagascar.
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