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Antique French Store Counter, Draper's Table or if you are British, you might call it a Shop Fitting. In America we would simply say; “what a great Kitchen Island this could make”. Keeping that thought in mind, our Old Plank master craftsmen took on the task of rebuilding the Antique French Store Counter structurally, while trying not to disturb any of the Store Counter’s 125-year-old cosmetics. Our Old Plank woodworkers raised the height to a more modern 36” in height and at the same time fabricated a new hidden chassis under the Store Counter for added strength. The one thing that we have noticed consistently over the past 30-plus years, is that anything that was used in a commercial environment is bound to be structurally weak and is in dire need of a proper rebuilding. Sounds easy, but the real art is reconstructing an item and making it appear as though you never touched it, like we try to accomplish with our French Leather Club chairs. This incredible Country French Antique Store Counter still exhibits all of its original patina and the original finish. Trying to find an Antique Store Counter of this magnitude with clean simple lines that is still in its original finish is getting near impossible. Our Kitchen Island was found in the city of Vichy in central France well known for its spas and eclectic architecture.

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