Antique French Walnut Vanity with Fossil Sink

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We have been serious antique collectors for 50+ years, and have professionally collected for over 30 years here at Old Plank, but never have we discovered a bathroom vanity that even remotely compares to this antique French bathroom vanity. Not only is this bathroom vanity extremely rare, but we have never seen one this old that was not cobbled together by some unscrupulous dealer using old bits and bobs laying around. Our antique French bathroom vanity was crafted by a master cabinet maker during the 1700’s from the finest French walnut. The sink basin was carved from one solid block of Saint Cyr (fossil) stone and there are no visual signs of repairs. However, there are numerous imperfections, as one would expect in something approaching 300 years old. The wall fountain is made from pewter, but we cannot confirm the two were born together, and I would guess that the fountain is a bit newer.

The expert in France where we purchased the bathroom vanity described it as follows: SINK CABINET in molded walnut, uprights with felled and fluted sides, door with molded panels, plinth base, Saint Cyr stone top, 18th century and including a pewter wall fountain and brass tap with gadrooned decoration. The pewter fountain or tank is not currently functioning, although we are going to try our best to remedy that situation, but no promises.

**The measurements for the water tank are 28.75" high, 13" wide and 7.5" deep.

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