Antique Irish Pine Kitchen Table with Pine Top

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Antique Irish Pine Kitchen Table dating from around 1880-1890. The most interesting aspect of our Antique Irish Pine Small Table is the Patina of the Scrubbed Pine Top. Try as we might, there is simply no way to duplicate a real 100-year-old patina. In order to preserve the patina of the pine, we chose to coat it with paraffin wax and not simply apply a coat of beeswax. The real difference between the two waxes is the length of time in which they last. Beeswax is maybe good for a few months of use, while a good coating of paraffin will last for years. Yes, it does take several hours to apply, but not only does it look terrific, but is feels good to the touch. We all facilitated between stripping off the old white paint or leaving it was is and you can see we left the old white crumbly and cracked paint as is.
This is the description from the Antique expert in Ireland: "19th C. painted pine kitchen server on turned legs and double stretcher with single drawer in the frieze {75 cm H x 137 cm L x 60 cm W}."
**Please note paint is peeling and bubbling.

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